AliExpress Wholesale Clothing : Alibaba Division Limited (HKSE: 1688; 1688.HK) is introducing a new channel that will allow U.S. buyers to acquire a wide range of premium products from innovative Chinese companies through its AliExpress wholesale transaction platform ( Highlighting unique, high-quality Chinese brands that are difficult to find in the global marketplace, the new AliExpress Premier Channel ( will showcase more than 30 premium Chinese brands such as AKseries, DeereMarchi, Dilong, Etonian Kidd, Justmatch, Mbox, rip, and VANCL.

AliExpress’s Premier Channel will enable online and offline American retailers to conveniently source top-quality authentic Chinese-designed products ranging from portable mobile phone chargers to fashion accessories, footwear, housewares and apparel. While AliExpress offers top-quality non-branded products generally for buyers looking to source items for resale or customized promotional products, AliExpress’s Premier Channel gives customers wholesale access to China’s best brands and innovative design. The two properties work together to help small businesses meet a variety of sourcing needs.

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