Shoe Design Course 2011

Shoe Design (Introduction)

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th August, 10am – 4pm

We all love shoes – but where do all those fabulous styles come from?

This introductory course takes you through the fascinating history of footwear from the bejewelled pumps of Elizabeth I to the bejewelled pumps of Jimmy Choo.

You will look at how shoes are made and learn how to design and illustrate your own ideas. The course ends with a practical design exercise following the stages taken by professional designers to produce a range of shoes. This will include illustrations and 3D mock-ups. Lead by Chris Hill who has been designing shoes for over twenty years, some of her students are now household names – Jimmy Choo, Emma Hope and Patrick Cox.

Cost: £195

Spaces are limited therefore advance booking is recommended. Call 020 7407 8664 or click here to book online

In addition to the Fashion and Textile Museum, you may want to also visit the shoe network to learn more about shoe design.

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