Pfaff Creative Sensation Sewing Machinery


PFAFF Enhanced Feeding Performance

PFAFF Enhanced Feeding Performance

Welcome to the fourth and final video in their Seeing is Believing series that highlights a feature on the all-new PFAFF® creative sensation™ sewing and embroidery machine that is near and dear to their hearts.

Their new and better than ever PFAFF® feeding performance!

You want perfect feeding regardless of the fabric – from chiffon to denim – and even if there is not much to feed such as when piecing small triangles together to create your quilt top.  The enhanced feeding on the creative sensation™ machine, when combined with the original IDT™ system, delivers classic PFAFF® feeding results even on extra thick layers of fabric or seams.

Watch the sewing machine video from Pfaff on the Fashion Industry Network.

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