TaDa Daily Deals : Ready to Shop

Tada Daily Deals is now live and available for your review.

If you are not familiar with TaDa, here is a bit from their about us page so you can learn more about the company and what they offer.

At Tada.com, we think there is nothing more “remarkable” or “simply fantastic” than getting a product you love at an unbeatable price.   TaDa is about bringing surprise and delight to your day through shopping.   We believe that shopping should be about finding products that you just have to have at prices that seem too good to be true from retailers you know and love.  That’s our trinity of a true “TADA MOMENT!”

So how did this all come about? TaDa, a Shopzilla, Inc. company, emerged from our desire to connect the many great retailers we work with to the people who love the products they sell.  The rub was figuring out how to get those “are-you-kidding-me-that’s-all-it-costs” prices and spread the wealth as far as possible.  And then we realized those two things can work together:  the more people who buy, the better the price can be.

Our prices are great because we work to achieve the volume that the retailer needs to make a sale at a lower price a win for everyone.  So we scour our retail partners’ sites to find some cool stuff and then we work with those retail partners to find an even cooler price offering to you.  Once we think we got it, we serve it up for the day’s TaDa and the rest is up to you and fellow shoppers to make that sale—and that TaDa moment—happen.  Share the sale and everyone wins.

We’re still learning and growing. Building a new way to shop doesn’t happen overnight.  We need your help and feedback. See products you like?  Have a favorite store?  Love our site?  Don’t love our site? Tell us about it.  Email us or call us at 1.877.LUV.TADA (1.877.588.8232) .  We’re working to make that TaDa moment happen, for you.  This is just the start.  There’s so much more to come from TaDa.  So join the ride and stay tuned!


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