NE-TIGER Fashion Show at China International Fashion Week

China’s leading fashion and luxury brand NE-TIGER will lead off China International Fashion Week once again with the event’s opening show in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel on the evening of October 25, 2011 where the brand will host the “Tang-Jing” Fashion Show of its Hua Fu Haute Couture Collection.

At the fashion show, 38 models will show off the Hua Fu fashion collection while the audience will be treated with refreshing and nature melodies interpreted by the talented Buddhism musician-Jing Shanyuan, creating a new and perfect fusion of civilization and art. NE-TIGER will once again be at the forefront of a new trend in Chinese fashion and clothing. We invite you to stay tuned for more information on this trend as it develops!

Visit to see the event streamed live, at 8pm, October 25, 2011, Beijing Time

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