Bridal Fashion : Get Married to Save the Economy

Bridal fashion is important to the fashion industry as well as the bride and groom.

Behind every great wedding gown, their is a fashion designer, fabric supplier, trim supplier, bridal fashion retailer etc.  The fashion industry employs many people that have a specific role in regard to the development and sale of bridal fashion.

Due to the sluggish economy, it is of our opinion that more people should get married so that we can keep the fashion industry churning along.  As more people get married, the fashion industry will have more wedding gowns, veils, and garters to produce.  This will help keep more people employed.

If consumers are carefully watching their expenses and are shopping less for the holidays, it is important that they transition from concentrating on holiday fashion to wedding day fashion.

So, if you are single, you should really help the economy (help the fashion industry) by finding someone to marry.  OK, you may not be ready for marriage, but will you ever be… You may as well go for it now.

Create fashion jobs by getting married and support your countries economy.


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