Selecting Fashion Courses and Fashion Schools

Selecting Fashion Courses and Fashion Schools

Where do you turn when you are searching for top fashion schools?  If you are looking to locate colleges for fashion designers, we would suggest that you try the fashion school directory on Apparel Search.  From this guide, you will locate top fashion schools for merchandising, pattern making, sewing, etc.  Many of the educational programs also offer training for stylists, photographers, models, etc.  You would need to consult with the establishment on a case by case basis to make sure that they have the courses that are appropriate for your career path.

It is best to find an educational facility with a nice international reputation.   You can find many wonderful options in New York, California, Italy, Canada, India, Hong Kong, and many other countries.  In addition to traditional schooling, you may wish to investigate online curriculum as well.  However, our personal feeling is that fashion is hands on and may be best if you are taking fashion courses directly in a classroom or workroom environment.

After you determine which college or university is best for you, you will then need to determine which fashion courses are most appropriate for your objectives.  We suggest that you contact a guidance counselor to determine the best options.  You can also consult with members of the fashion industry network regarding fashion courses that they would suggest based on your educational objectives.  You can ask questions in the forum section of that network.

If you are interested in a career in fashion, it is good to first get your education.  After you graduate, you can investigate fashion job opportunities from sites such as the Fashion Job Search, Monster, Hot Jobs, Clothing Industry Jobs, Indeed, etc.

Good luck with your studies, and good luck with your fashion career.  Study hard, then work hard.   Then, you will be successful.

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