Trade Union Equity: New Model Guidelines Proposed

It’s starting to seem like every time Fashion Week rolls around, the industry makes a lot of noise about self-regulation regarding models’ health and age, while the girls — and they are girls — remain as young and skinny as ever.

Tomorrow, however, the British trade union Equity is meeting to suggest new rules that are, at least, specific.

Here’s what they’re proposing:

  • A maximum ten hour work day.
  • Mandatory meals. Now, if only there was a way to make sure everyone else on set didn’t shame the models for eating said meals.
  • Covered expenses for work-related travel over ten miles.
  • “Respect and dignity toward models at all times” — this should already be a rule, but seems difficult to enforce in reality. And just the fact that it has to be spelled out is worrisome.
  • No drastically altering a model’s appearance unless it is agreed to. Remember the bleached brows trend a few seasons back? Yeah, we felt bad for those girls, too.

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