Wrapped in a Stylish Manner

Are you planning to give the gift of fashion any time soon?  The next time, you wrap those designer jeans, sweater, etc., think about how trendy you can be…

We all know the world is a beautiful yet weird place, and WRAPPED has transcribed life’s everyday exotic – in some cases bazaar – images into revolutionary gift wrap that is sure to set your gift apart from the party. From trendy motifs including feminine cheetah fur and red roses, to outrageous and eclectic portraits including vibrant insects and skulls, the possibilities are endless for founders, Ryland Arnoldi & Sam Seidman, who launched the line just six months ago. These two Venice, California locals are just out to do what they love most: translate their passion for art and nature into a gift-able resource.

All his life, Arnoldi observed his artist-father, Charles Arnoldi, protect his work table with butcher paper that became saturated with paint, and then watch him tear off pieces of the paint-spattered material and use it as gift wrap. “It was amazing to see how he could transform an ordinary package into an art-like object. People were extremely careful when unwrapping his presents, as they wanted to save the paper. I witnessed how great wrapping paper can transform the entire experience of receiving a gift into something truly extraordinary,” Arnoldi says. “My father’s approach to gifts planted a seed in my mind that eventually grew into the launch of WRAPPED.” Ryland Arnoldi’s vision combined with the skills of old friend, Sam Seidman, has transformed the theory of wrapping paper as a piece of art, rather than a generic disposable shell destined to be tossed, into a lucrative business. “I knew instantly that there was huge potential in WRAPPED and that we had an opportunity to roll the dice and build something of our own. I knew the vastly different backgrounds and skill sets of Ryland and I complemented one another and together we had a real shot at making something that would last,” Seidman says.

“The world is ripe with beautiful designs,” the duo say, and since this epiphany, WRAPPED has evolved from tasteful scraps into a collection of paper goods including wrapping paper, journals, postcards, invitations, stationary and more graced with nature and art. “Everywhere we look we see wrapping paper. It has completely taken over our lives; everything from cinderblock walls to the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store has become inspiration and what started as a business has become an obsession,” they continue. WRAPPED’s products are currently available at Anthropologie, Fred Segal, Kate’s Paperie and select boutiques in the USA & Canada, prices ranging from $4-$18; www.wrappedla.com. Arnoldi and Seidman have only printed a fraction of the designs they have made, and they’ve only made a fraction of the designs they have imagined. We can’t wait to show you what they come up with next, but for now, that’s a wrap!


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