What do you like about being a fashion editor or blogger?

Cision has asked Devon Poer (the editor in chief of The Stylist Handbook), “What do you like most about being a fashion editor and blogger?”

She replied, “Well, the fashion! I get to play dress up and make fantasy come to life. It’s fun; I love everything about it. I’m more then just a fashion editor and blogger, as a fashion and style director I’m styling on-set for either actors, musicians, models or personalities. I get the best of both worlds being able to be active on set, in the showrooms or in front of my digital devices writing and soaking up articles on beauty and fashion. What is also important to me about what I do as a journalist is providing readers with information that they can enjoy and are empowered by. Fashion and beauty is more then just what’s happening on the outside, it has so much to do with what’s going on inside our heads as well.”

How would you have answered the same question?

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