Eco Fashion Weekend 2013

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design invites all recycling fashion fans to Cracow for Eco Fashion Weekend 2013. This event starts with recykling workshops (clothes and bags workshops) on  the1st February at 2 p.m. The workshops will be held in the school building at Zamoyskiego 52 and they are open to everyone who wants to give a second life to their favorite shirts, pants, dresses or bags.

Junk Fashion Show on the 3rd February 2013 (at 6 p.m)in Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury is a great opportunity to see how paper and other reusable materials can be evolved into unique and beautiful designs.

The organizers are also planning an internet competition during which you can vote for best designs and win free entrees for courses in photography, fashion design, jewelry design and haute couture.

The voting will start on the 5th February at 3 p.m. and will be continued to the 12th February at midnight on website

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