mimivail – A Youthful Dress Collection That Gives Back

We would like to tell you about the sweet youthful dress collection mimivail, and how the brand inspires hope.  mimivail was founded on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to experience a childhood that fosters playing, learning and growing.  Through its’ partnership with Light Gives Heat (LGH) and SUUBI (hope) initiatives each mimivail dress comes paired with a colorful matching bracelet handcrafted exclusively by the women of Jinja, Uganda to help encourage and inspire hope for the little girls whose mothers are benefiting from a consistent and independent income while empowering these local artisians.

The colorful matching bracelets are made of vibrant, pearl-like beads from recycled paper and handcrafted exclusively for the collection. Believing in the goodness of little girls and the power of positive role models, the brand is presented through 5 fictional personalities: Bridgette, Scarlet, Ruby, Emi and Isabelle.  As the collection grows, so will their wardrobes and stories.


About mimivail

mimivail takes great pride in its dresses using only the finest materials from around the world and the highest quality manufacturing facilities in the United States. All dresses come with a colorful matching bracelet exclusively handcrafted for mimivail by the women of SUUBI, with each vibrant, pearl-like bead made from recycled paper


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