August Field collection Maharaja’s Dream

August Field 2013


The AUGUST FIELD Fall/Winter 2013 collection entitled “Maharaja’s Dream” is one to be felt and experienced as much as it is to be seen. Combining rich Eastern fabrics such as silk brocade, microfiber velvet and satin with classic Western tailoring, the line envelops the wearer in a cocoon of luxury.

Inspired by a lifestyle of pleasure, leisure, and hedonism, AUGUST FIELD revels in the chic and fabulous. Clothes display a timeless elegance that is at once bold and refined. Standout pieces include a quilted smoking jacket for at-home luxuriating or glamorous evenings in a hotel bar, velvet bomber jackets with satin lapels that redefine louche sophistication and silk brocade suits in retro motifs. “I have always been drawn to glamorous women and I design with this woman in mind,” said designer Adrien Field. “She is equal parts chic and irreverent. An AUGUST FIELD woman doesn’t think twice about packing Veuve Cliquot and Funyons for long-haul flight via private jet.”

The designer’s world travels have heavily influenced the collection, which is manufactured entirely in India. Working with master craftsmen, Adrien Field set about creating a line with accessible opulence as its cornerstone. Trousers and skirts are fully lined in satin with no visible seams, microfiber velvet swaddles like a sumptuous cloud and invisible zippers make for seductive garments that are as much a pleasure to take off as they are to wear.

EVENT DETAILS – A private showcase of the debut AUGUST FIELD collection for Fall/Winter 2013.

DATE – Thursday, February 28, 2013

TIME- 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Champagne and passed Hors D’oeuvers

LOCATION- Gansevoort Meatpacking Rooftop

18 9th Ave

New York, NY 10014

RSVP – or


AUGUST FIELD is the immaculately formed and conceived clothing label of designer Adrien Field. Beginning his career in New York as a magazine editor and celebrity stylist having worked on some of Nicki Minaj’s biggest videos and appearances, Field’s discerning eye and prodigal talent made him a star in New York’s fashion world, appearing on the front page of the New York Post entertainment section and in the New York Times Sunday Styles Page all before he was 21 years old. Searching for growth and a new direction in the summer of 2011, Field left New York to travel to India for two months, where he became inspired by rich Eastern fabrics and the lifestyle of the luxury vagabond. It was within the kurta-lined walls of a small tailor shop that AUGUST FIELD was born of brocade and golden thread.

Since launching to private clients and celebrities last year, AUGUST FIELD has appeared in numerous national and international fashion publications. The collection for Fall/Winter 2013 represents the first full AUGUST FIELD collection available for public sale.

The label’s mantra, “VIVRE LE RÊVE,” or “Live the dream” is inspired by a lifestyle of pleasure, leisure, and hedonistic good times.


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