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Her collections have been described as avant-garde, cutting-edge, eccentric and on occasion… even outlandish. But there is no denying that Joanne Stoker continues to deliver designs that astound and delight us each season. In 2011, the young designer fascinated the industry with a radical shoe design, with functioning LED lights which illuminated the heel. Her inspiration: the New York skyline.


For Spring, Joanne found inspiration in the idyllic boardwalks and seaside getaways familiar to her native UK and each design is infused with Stoker’s inimitable sense of fun and play. The collection features modern textures and fabrics and a range of different heel heights for the wearers mood. Styles like the ‘Jitterbug’ or ‘Mambo’ are named after old dancehall classics and deliver high-fashion, high-fun architectural heels. Bold candy stripes work their way into a range of flats and graphic raffia’s, with oversized lurex bows used to bring a femininity to sky-high platform styles.


The insightful designer strives to always combine a passion for artistry with an understanding of modern architecture. A graduate of Cordwainers College, the young designer mastered a deep understanding for the technique and craftsmanship behind the art of making beautiful shoes. Meticulously conceived from conception to completion, each collection combines durability with utility and beauty for a final product both exquisite and timeless!


Stoker, who has been mentored by icons like Jimmy Choo and collaborated with the likes of Matthew Williamson, will debut her collection, Joanne Stoker in the US for Spring/Summer 2013.

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