Memorial Day White Fashion With Nue By Shani

Memorial Day is almost here, which means a return to wearing white, especially if you adhere to tradition. After this long, cold winter it’s time to put away your heavy sweaters and coats, and welcome in bright white.

The NUE by Shani collection offers dresses with built-in shape wear to create the illusion of wearing a smaller size. The “botox for your body” compression fabric allows women to accentuate their best features and camouflage problem areas discreetly and stylishly.

If you’re afraid to wear white because it makes you feel heavy, these two flirty styles are the perfect solution. Memorial Day weekend is the ideal opportunity to debut white as the new slimming color. Thanks to NUE by Shani’s exclusive body architecture, you can flaunt your figure with confidence.

 White Pique Sheath Dress with Gold Belt

White Pique Sheath Dress with Gold Belt $260

 white dress

Sweetheart Neckline Ottman Knit Dress with Flower Belt $300

Available at

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