Fashion Manufacturer Directory Updates

Clothing manufacturers are invited to update their current listings on the Apparel Search fashion industry directory.  If you own a clothing factory or you are a manufacturer of trims and notions for the production of clothes, you can update your company listing.  This invitation is for any company that currently has a company listing in the b2b directory found at

If you are unsure if your business is already listed, you can visit the following pages to locate your business.  Listings are alphabetical.

Cut, Make & Trim: The CMT section is for manufacturing facilities that supply finished product.  This section of the directory is separated into categories based on the garment silhouette.  For example, you will find categories for Jeans, Sweaters, Pants, Pajamas, Shoes, etc.

Trims and Components: The trims & components section contains information regarding suppliers of items such as fabric, yarns, zippers, buttons, hangtags, garment labels, thread, and other items utilized in the manufacturing process.

Apparel Factories: The contractor section is for locating facilities that manage the cutting of fabric & sewing of apparel.  The guide also provides information regarding embroidery, textile printing, dye houses, and other contracting services for the industry.

All clothing companies that are listed in any of the above sections of the Apparel Search manufacturing directory are urged to review and update their current listings.  Check to make sure your contact information, company website, and description is correct.  If any aspect of your listing has changed, please provide updates so that your listing may be corrected.

You can also visit the clothing factory main page and use the navigation to search for your company.

If you have any questions, you can add your comments below and contact Apparel Search from the contact us page on that site.


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