Private Shopping Clubs Selling Clothing and Fashion Accessories

Wow, it is amazing how much money some of the private shopping clubs have raised.  Do these clubs have as much potential as the VC’s think.  Personally, I think that the private fashion clubs that sell fashion may be getting a bit ahead of themselves.  If I was the owner of a popular designer brand label, I would rather my product be in Barneys New York, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, etc.  If these fashion clubs are getting so much visibility, it would be bad for my brand.  I think they may be caught in a catch 22 situation.  The club concept is an interesting one, but I wonder if their is too much smoke & mirrors with this concept.

It is my understanding that the private shopping clubs sell men’s fashion, women’s fashion and possibly kids fashion.  However, I am not sure because I am not yet a member to see behind the curtain…

If you do not know what a private e-commerce club really is, you may want to check the private fashion club definition.  Once we get this figured out, we can then try to learn more about Social Fashion Shopping which is another interesting shopping concept.

Their sure is a lot to learn about shopping.  In all honesty, I sort of miss the good old days when you can walk into a store, see what they have, buy what you like…

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