Watches Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Are watches the ultimate fashion accessory?  Well, the first thing to figure out would be what factors would be used to determines the “ultimate fashion accessory”.  In my opinion, nearly anything visible can be considered a fashion accessory.  Although we normally think of handbags, scarves, gloves, headwear, belts, etc., as fashion accessories we also should consider items such as iPad covers, umbrellas, backpacks, etc.  We may possibly think of an iPad cover as a protection device, but if styled nicely it can be used as a fashion statement.  Therefore, a fashion accessory.

Anyway, what items would be considered an “ultimate” fashion accessory?  To judge this, I am going to base on how often the accessory is used.

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces are used often as fashion accessories.  However, these items are typically worn by women (not always by women only; but most frequently by women).  I think if we are going to declare an “ultimate” accessory, it should be utilized by both genders equally.

The accessory that I have selected is the Watch.  As of today, watches are the ultimate fashion accessory.  Please note, I may change my mind tomorrow…  However, as of today, the watch is the bigger winner in my book.

Do you agree that the watch can be considered an ultimate fashion accessory?  Yes, I understand they are starting to lose some steam.  In all honesty, I am now checking my iPhone for the time before looking at my watch.

Do not under estimate the power of your watch.  It really does get noticed.  Make sure you are wearing a stylish one.

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