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Most Important Fashion Accessory of 2020

It is pretty easy to guess the most influential fashion accessory of 2020. If you need a hint, think “Covid-19”. Ok, you should have been able to guess by now. Yes, the “face mask” is the most influential fashion accessory … Continue reading

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Vera Wang Sunglasses for Summer 2012

Ah, tempestuous summer – demanding that we blend practicality with our of-the-moment stylistic choices. (That’s why sunscreen is tucked in our beach tote next to a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.) No need to feel hot and bothered – … Continue reading

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Necky Scarf Helps Combat This Winter Season

If this previous weekend was any indication of what lies ahead for the forthcoming winter, then it seems we can expect another blistering season of frigid temperatures and abundant snowfall. To protect themselves from the bitter wind and the wintry … Continue reading

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Watches Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Are watches the ultimate fashion accessory?  Well, the first thing to figure out would be what factors would be used to determines the “ultimate fashion accessory”.  In my opinion, nearly anything visible can be considered a fashion accessory.  Although we … Continue reading

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