Where Do You Get Fashion News

Where do you get fashion news each day?  Do you pickup an actual newspaper or magazine, or do you use online news resources.  Possibly, you use both online news resources and offline resources.  My first stop each morning is usually the fashion news section on Apparel Search.  From there, I have access to many fashion and lifestyle media destinations.  I can read daily tid bits directly from this area or find access to other resources that I can use to get my daily fix.  For example from the online news area, we can find online fashion news sites such as WWD, Style, Fashion Newspaper, Allure, Apparel News, etc.
Another method to read daily reports would be from the news directory section.  From that area, news is compiled from various stylish news resources from around the internet.  You can see examples from the links below.
For additional categorized yet fashionable news, you can try the Clothing Industry News, Apparel News, and Clothing Store News websites.
If you have a website and want news to add to your website, you can actually find fashion news content feeds on Apparel Search.

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