New Website Poll Technology for Fashion Websites

Apparel Search has developed a new website poll technology for fashion websites.

What is this new web poll technology called:
The official name of this new technology is the “Poll Cheat Blocker ML2.0”
What this new web poll technology achieves:
If a poll taker submits an answer that does not truly match their opinion, they will most likely NOT do this again when using a website that is running the Poll Cheat Blocker ML2.0 technology from Apparel Search.  Yes, it is possible that they will submit one incorrect answer.  However, repeat violations may become a thing of the past.
Learn more about the Poll Cheat Blocker ML2.0 website poll technology.
Take a fashion poll that may utilize Poll Cheat Blocker ML2.0 polling technology.

What is the most difficult aspect of starting a fashion company?

What is the most important aspect when selecting a clothing factory?

How would you describe the majority of buyers you have worked with?

What is your favorite textile fiber for clothing?

Do you prefer natural fibers or man-made fibers better?

Should white be worn before Memorial Day?

Who is your favorite fashion designer or fashion brand?

What is your favorite type of swimwear?

Should school dress codes require uniforms?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Please be careful to only list your true opinions on these fashion polls.  Also, only submit once per poll.  Thank you for participating in these web polls.  These fashion industry polls will help educate the fashion industry.  Polls are an excellent method of research.  Again, thank you for your participation.

Unfortunately, the system launch missed the April 1st deadline.

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