Jersey Fabric Guide

There is now a new home on the internet for learning more about jersey fabrics.  This past week a new textile site has launched which is called the jersey fabric website.  You can view the new site at

Then site has been developed by the Apparel Search Company and is still under beta testing.  The site will have additional improvements in the near future.  If you are interested in learning more about jersey fabrics, please visit the site to learn more.

By they way, jersey fabric has nothing to do with New Jersey.  Other then the fact that people in New Jersey wear jersey fabric amongst many other constructions.  To learn more about apparel worn in New Jersey, you may want to check out the New Jersey fashion guide section on Apparel Search (please do not learn it from the Jersey Shore show on MTV.

If you are interested, you can find clothing stores in New Jersey that possibly sell clothing made from jersey fabric.

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Work in the fashion industry and develop fashion websites. My primary fashion website is called Apparel Search and can be viewed at My second largest site is the Fashion Industry Network which you can view at
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