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Their is a new website to help you learn more about poplin fabrics.  The site is called Poplin Fabric and can be found at PoplinFabric.org  The site is helpful for members of the fashion industry and textile industry.

Here is a brief explanation of the poplin fabric definition from Wikipedia dated September 26, 2011, “Poplin, also called tabinet (or tabbinet), is a strong fabric in a plain weave of any fiber or blend, with crosswise ribs that typically gives a corded surface. Poplin traditionally consisted of a silk warp with a weft of worsted yarn. As the weft is in the form of a stout cord the fabric has a ridged structure, like rep, which gave depth and softness to the lustre of the silky surface. It is now made with wool, cotton, silk, rayon, or any mixture of these, though originally made from silk. The ribs run across the fabric from selvage to selvage. Poplins are used for dress purposes, and for rich upholstery work. They are formed by using coarse filling yarns in a plain weave. Shirts made from this material are easy to iron and do not wrinkle easily.”  Read the full poplin definition at Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poplin

If you are looking for poplin fabric manufacturers, you can check the poplin mill directory on Apparel Search.

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