Catherine Malandrino, Elie Tahari, and Arthur Levine

Elie Tahari and Arthur S. Levine announced on October 12, 2011 that they have formed a partnership with Catherine Malandrino, a designer and brand with wholesale, retail and e-commerce, including stores in New York and around the world. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have met such successful and talented people with a shared vision. Elie, Arthur and I will explore the full potential of the Catherine Malandrino brand,” Malandrino said. The Catherine Malandrino brand began 12 years ago and has grown into an international icon of femininity, strength and style that is effortlessly chic. Fusing the energy of New York City with the romance of Paris, Catherine Malandrino designs for the women of the world. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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