Sandblasting Jeans Possible Danger to Workers in Bangladesh

According to, sandblasting has long been banned in Europe and the United States, but Bangladesh’s cheap-labour garment factories still use it to condition jeans for top western brands.

Gucci, Levi’s, H&M and Gap have all vowed to stop selling sandblasted products, while Dolce & Gabbana has been targeted in an Internet campaign to take a similar stance. “One day, when I was working, blood started gushing out of my mouth and nose,” Howlader told AFP from his hospital bed. “They told me the work was safe. But the constant sandblasting made the room fill up with dust and sand. You end up swallowing and inhaling a lot of it.”  Howlader fired high-pressure sand at denim jeans with just a cloth mask for protection, treating 200-300 pairs in a ten-hour day. “Sandblasting is booming here,” said Kalpana Akhter, general secretary of the Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity, which records many silicosis-like symptoms among workers in the sector.

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