Knitwear Exports May Fall on Dyeing Unit Closures

According to a recent article in the India Times, “Tirupur Exporters Association said Knitwear exports from Tirupur are likely to decline by Rs 5,000 crore at Rs 12,000 crore due to the closure of dyeing and bleaching units following zero discharge issues.

Due to the processing problem since January, the exports could be in the range of Rs 11,500 crore to Rs 12,000 crore this year, sustaining last year’s exports, Tirupur Exporters Association ( TEA) President A Shaktivel told PTI.

This is not due to an increase in quantum of exports, but because of the increase in garment prices, he said.

“Prices of garments have gone up by about 18 per cent, which shows increase of exports in value terms. However, in terms of volume, there has been no increase. Considering the demand, exports could have easily been in the range of Rs 18,000 crore if the situation was normal,” he claimed.”

Read more from the India Times economic times section at Knitwear Exports May Fall Rs 5k Crore on Dyeing Unit Closures : Tirupur Exporters Association.

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