In Patterns: Marimekko


Strong, delicate, decorative, minimalistic, graphic, painterly… Marimekko’s world of patterns in so many words.  Always as many-sided and complex as its maker.

In Patterns: Marimekko, published by WSOY, explores the colourful history and present of the design house in a new way, showcasing Marimekko’s design gems and their creators from the early trendsetters to the masters of today.  The book’s rich imagery illustrates the decades of Marimekko’s patterns and how a sketch turns into a printed fabric. Additionally, the book takes a closer look at the ideas of the designers through introductions of Marimekko’s “mothers” and interviews with the younger generation. The editors of the book are Maria Härkäpää, Sami Sykkö, Annukka Arjavirta and Minna Kemell-Kutvonen.

In Patterns: Marimekko offers a fascinating panorama of the six decades during which we have been bringing colour and patterns to homes all over the world and clothing mavericks and independent thinkers in stripes or checks, florals or colour blocks – helping people express their own unique personality. Marimekko is home to thousands of stories. This book sheds light on the current of creativity between contemporary Marimekko designers and past masters. This wellspring of ideas and inspiration continues to bring forth a wealth of everyday objects, from cloths and cups to dresses and bags. The guiding light has been intuition and imagination, with experience and practicality keeping both feet on the ground. Thought and expression have flowed freely in the channel of reality, while creativity – fuelled by joy and experimentation – has always ushered us to the next destination safely. As this book reveals, Marimekko represents the many dimension s of pattern-making,” says Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, Marimekko’s Creative Director.

In Patterns: Marimekko is available at Marimekko stores and selected distributors for Marimekko and WSOY. The 244-page book is published in both Finnish and English.

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