Facebook Files for Divorce

Has Facebook filed for divorce?  Not yet, but if they did, the conversation could possible go something like this:
Was it so wrong that I wanted to expand my horizons and grow a circle of new friends?  It should not cause you so much tension that I simply want to hangout with my buddies.  Plus, let’s keep in mind that as I tried to keep open streams of communication between you and I, you continued to build a wall between us.  In fact, your method of communication limited our comments way more then my method.  Sure you have recently opened your self to longer conversations, but some times doing a little is simply, “a little too late”.  In all honesty, I often feel that you are treating me like I am a monster for wanting to spend time with my new friends.  You act as if I am a fire breathing dragon or some sort of disease weakening you with my viral and infectious nature.  I think you should have treated me in a much better fashion.  Rather then treat me like a piece of used clothing, you could have cherished me like an elegant piece of vintage fashion.  Rather, you treated me like an old bag to be tossed around.  That is obviously not how either a man nor a women wants to be treated.
Although I wanted to stay true to what we had developed together in the past, some times new and amazing revelations pop into our lives and we dare not slow them from developing.  As I tried to explain before, even though you think I have fallen for someone else, I was only trying to broaden my network of friends. Furthermore, as I tried to explain to you in our numerous conversations, it is absolutely not too late for our relationship.  Although you believe I have sparks for another, you are welcome to join my circle just as others have done.  Although I have not worked hard and made a job of asking others to join my circles, I am more then happy to ask you. 
If we put aside our differences, we can work together to grow circles that we all can enjoy.  Wouldn’t that be a plusplus or win-win situation for everyone?
According to sources close to the matter, the unofficial Facebook document that has declared irreconcilable differences may or may not have contained the above mentioned quote.  Most likely, no document exists.  However, one never knows, does one.
Are you using Google+ to cheat on another?

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