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The fashion industry is more then simply designing and selling clothing and accessories. The business has many complexities. If you want to break the business down into unique categories, it is our opinion that you could reach hundreds if not thousands of critical areas of the business. Some of which would include areas such as pattern making, fabric testing, supply chain management, garment production, retailing, etc. In addition to many of the primary categories that are easy to determine, the industry has many other areas that many people may not think are directly relevant to fashion. For example, HTML5. HTML5 is a language for developing technology such as websites, games, etc. This is relevant when “fashion companies” develop fashion websites, fashion games, etc. Therefore, even websites such as the HTML5 developers, HTML5 Consultants, and HTML5 programmers, are actually relevant to the clothing industry.
Various aspects of technology are relevant to the apparel industry. In addition to CAD software, pattern making software, e-commerce shopping carts, etc., social networking is also important to the fashion industry. The industry has been using social networking services such as the Fashion Industry Network, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, for some time now. If you have not heard, their is now a new kid on the block. Sure, they are not new to the internet, but rather new to the social networking landscape. You may have heard of this little company called Google. Well, they have launched a new service called Google+. Below you will find a few websites that will help you better understand what Google+ is all about and how it is helpful to the apparel & textile industries.
After you learn more about the G+ system, you will most likely start wondering how to grow circles of influence for yourself or your business.
Here are a few blog posts about G+ that you may have interest in reading. They are not technical guides to help you learn to use the system (maybe one is). The others are more for entertainment purposes.
Google+ Blog Post (some fun and some education)
We hope that this post has been of some assistance to you. If it did not help, hopefully it did not hurt either. Don’t forget to view an example of the system so that you can an idea of what circles, streams, and sparks are all about. You can check the fashion page to get a stylish tour of the system. By the way, although Facebook, and G+ are wonderful networking tools, don’t forget that the Fashion Industry Network is the best place for networking about the fashion industry.

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