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Google Plus Vanity URLs : Fashion on Google Plus

Here is some interesting news about G+.   Rather then the long numeric page addresses, Google+ now provides abbreviated links that contain words rather then numbers.  This makes it easier for people to remember their page address.  Below you will … Continue reading

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Tools for Improving Google+ Effectiveness

When using new systems such as Google+, it may be a good idea to utilize various tools and services that are created by third parties. I am not saying it is always better, but maybe looking for additional tools can … Continue reading

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Fashion Industry Uses Google+

The fashion industry is more then simply designing and selling clothing and accessories. The business has many complexities. If you want to break the business down into unique categories, it is our opinion that you could reach hundreds if not … Continue reading

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Facebook Files for Divorce

Has Facebook filed for divorce?  Not yet, but if they did, the conversation could possible go something like this:   Was it so wrong that I wanted to expand my horizons and grow a circle of new friends?  It should not cause … Continue reading

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Plus Dragon Takes Flight

Plus Dragon has officially launched yesterday.  The site is not yet complete, but it is off to a start.  The Plus Dragon takes flight and lets hope that it does not crash…  The goal of Plus Dragon is to spread … Continue reading

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New York Fashion on Google+

New York fashion now has a home on Google+.  If you work in the NY fashion industry or you simply enjoy New York fashion, you are welcome to follow the New York Fashion on Google+ page at https://plus.google.com/106825166984887514080

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New Google+ Fashion Pages

Today a few more fashion pages have been added at Google+ The pages are as follows: Fashion Industry Beauty Fashion+ More new Google+ fashion pages will follow soon.  We will keep you advised as soon as we learn of the … Continue reading

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Fashion Photographers on Google+

Now you can find fashion photographers on Google+ from the new fashion photographers page.

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Google+ Fashion Network Blog

Have you heard about Google+?  Well, we have created a page on this blog that is about Google+ Fashion. Check out the new Google+ fashion page here on the fashion network blog.

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Shoes on Google+

SHOES on Google+ This morning a new shoe page was posted on Google+ for people that are interested in researching information about shoes and the footwear industry.  The shoes page can be found at the address https://plus.google.com/107527359894793573609 If you plan … Continue reading

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Two New Fashion Pages

Two new fashion pages have just been created for Google+ Check out the new fashion trends and women’s fashion pages by using the links below. Women’s Fashion Fashion Trends I will hopefully find some more fashion pages to tell you … Continue reading

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Fashion Pages : Vintage Fashion, Blog, Calendar, Deals

Four new fashion pages have been created today.  Isn’t that wonderful…  Hopefully, you will enjoy this new pages.  If you do, please join the circles so that you can follow the posts. Vintage Fashion Fashion Blog Fashion Calendar Fashion Deals … Continue reading

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Google+ Fashion Pages

Yesterday we have created a few fashion pages on Google+ The idea is to have a place for members of the fashion industry to communicate on the Google+ system.  If you are interested in clothing and fashion accessories, we are … Continue reading

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