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100 Years of Fashion Trends

Trying to keep up with the chaos that is the fashion world can be quite difficult. In a blink of an eye those sweet new pants you bought could be yesterday’s news. Fear not! Hang onto those pants! If we … Continue reading

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Fall 2015 Google Fashion Trends Report

Where is the Fall 2015 Google Fashion Trends Report? We have seen the report for spring 2015 (link below), but have not yet seen the Fall 2015.  Does anyone know if this report was created or if it will be … Continue reading

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Olympic Inspired Fashion Trends 2012

With the Olympics now at a close, we can anticipate a new wave of fashion trends inspired by the games. With these three Olympic-inspired fashion trends, you can capture a little of that gold medal style. The most popular sport … Continue reading

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Spring 2012 Bridal Trends from Vera Wang

Below you will find suggestions directly from the Vera Wang company. Spring 2012 Bridal Trends from the White by Vera Wang Collection From feminine, floral prints to chic, shortened hemlines, look to White by Vera Wang for the season’s best … Continue reading

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Two New Fashion Pages

Two new fashion pages have just been created for Google+ Check out the new fashion trends and women’s fashion pages by using the links below. Women’s Fashion Fashion Trends I will hopefully find some more fashion pages to tell you … Continue reading

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Trend Forecasting

Their is now a new fashion trend forecasting website.  If you are asking, “does the world really need another trend forecasting website?”.  Well, to be honest, I am really not sure.  I guess it could not hurt to have one … Continue reading

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The Fashion Forecasting 2011 Essay contest is no longer taking new submissions.  The entry deadline of February 14th, 2011 has now expired. Here are the links to the submissions and the members that have participated in this fashion contest. Amber Pearlena Corprew : Fashion … Continue reading

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