Olympic Inspired Fashion Trends 2012

With the Olympics now at a close, we can anticipate a new wave of fashion trends inspired by the games. With these three Olympic-inspired fashion trends, you can capture a little of that gold medal style.

The most popular sport in this year’s Olympics was gymnastics, with its style, grace, and fierce competition. In every leg of the competition, the girls were seen in their rhinestone-covered leotards. Bling is in – pair a sequined blouse with a full-bodied skirt or trousers and you’ll be sure to “stick the landing.”

To capture the elegance of the equestrian events, all you need is a traditional blue or contemporary silk blazer and a pair of leather riding boots. You’ll pull off an equestrian look that signifies sophistication and works as well for a night on the town as it does in the dressage ring. A simple, toned-down pair of earrings or an understated pair of earrings is the best way to accessorize equestrian apparel.

Just like a gold medal, a handbag is the perfect fashion accessory to any outfit. Pair a white dress with a red and blue tote with gold hardware and you’re ready for the beach or trip to London. Purses with flag imprints are popping up everywhere, so you can wear your favorite team on your shoulder or show your patriotic side with a clutch covered in stripes and stars.

Whether you add only a few quality Olympic-inspired pieces such as a leather red and blue handbag, heavy duty riding boots, and a delicate lace leotard to your collection or go for gold and revamp your entire wardrobe, the confidence you gain from dressing like an Olympian will make you a true winner.

Guest post: Ashley is an equestrian fashion blogger who provides style tips for riders and horse lovers.


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