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If you are involved with technology, you most likely have heard about HTML5.  However, you may not have heard about the new HTML5 Developers network website.

The HTML5 Developers website has been designed for the sole purpose of educating members of the technology community regarding the benefits of utilizing HTML5. The learning on our social network takes place in what many would consider a rather simplistic way. Essentially, the educational process occurs during a question and answer type environment. The formula behind this approach is completely simple and predictable. Basically, people with “questions” ask their questions. People that know “answers” to questions, hopefully answer the questions.

Below you will find a few of the discussion groups that the developers network believed to be of interest.  As the network grows, possibly additional groups will be formed for the benefit of members.

HTML5 Games

HTML5 Errors

HTML5 Programmers

HTML5 Tutorials

HTML5 Doctype

HTML5 Consultants

HTML5 Elements

HTML5 Apps

HTML5 Demos

HTML5 Examples

HTML5 Websites

HTML5 Mobile

HTML5 Markup


HTML5 Tags

HTML5 Canvas

More groups will be added to the HTML5 developers website in the near future.

If you are interested, you may also want to visit the consultants and programmers websites to learn more about this technology.

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