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People often say that imitation is a form of flattery.  If that is the case, I wonder if Birchbox is feeling flattered this morning.  Or possibly, they are feeling a bit more on uncomfortable (disappointed) then flattered.

Into todays fashion and beauty industry news, we see not one but TWO news reports of competition popping up.

E! Entertainment Television Co-Founder Alan Mruvka has partnered up with Beverly Hills Celebrity beauty guru and undisputed “Eyebrow King,” Damone Roberts to launch The Look – the newest luxury beauty sample club. For only $10 a month, members of The Look will receive five deluxe, re-sealable beauty samples that are specifically customized to fit their individual beauty needs. Each Look Bag is shipped out free to members within the first two weeks of every month, members also enjoy an additional discount off of every purchase of any full-sized beauty product on the site as well.

Source: Alan Mruvka Partners Up With Celebrity Beauty Guru Damone Roberts on The Look

Wow, that sure sounds familiar.  After reading that news report, we can go onto see that Beauty Bar, is collaborating with The Beauty Expert, Allure magazine, to introduce Sample Society which they call “a breakthrough in beauty sampling”.   A members-only subscription service, Sample Society delivers the most exclusive samples of hair-care, makeup, skin-care and fragrance products plus expert information each month.

The beauty sampling experience has evolved from the passive and free department store gift-with-purchase model to a sought-after service women are willing to pay to join.  Beauty Bar and Allure are reinventing it yet again, by marrying expert advice and insight from Allure editors with deluxe samples culled from Beauty Bar’s expansive selection of high-end domestic and international products, to create the ultimate beauty Sample Society.

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