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The Fashion Newspaper is obviously a resource for articles and fashion news releases. However, the paper also provides entry to many additional resources. In case you had not been aware, it is important to note that the Fashion Newspaper is actually a division of the Apparel Search Company. Therefore, it has access to many other clothing and textile industry tools and research resources.

Below you will find a few areas on the site that you may not be aware existed.  Hopefully after viewing the links you will agree that the Fashion Newspaper is more then online news.

Fashion Industry Links

Apparel Directory Access

Fashion Jobs

Fashion Models

Apparel Magazine

Fashion News Articles

Fashion Press Releases

If you enjoy what you see, you can learn more about the Fashion Newspaper and the company behind the paper.

The majority of above, explains how you can find information on the Fashion Newspaper that will help guide you to other resources. Below you will find access to information that is actually hosted on the site. Here are a few of the fashion news categories to help you more quickly find the juicy articles of interest.

Fashion Newspaper Articles : The fashion articles section is a bit different then our fashion news section. This area contains current events and information about indie fashion designers, clothing retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers etc. We have various categories based on garment type as well as categories that cater to entirely different aspects of the garment industry. For example, we have a jewelry news, beauty news, fashion licensing news, modeling news, etc.

Fashion Newspaper News : The fashion news section at the fashion newspaper is for fashion industry news releases. These are typically, the rather boring quarterly reports from apparel companies. This section does not always contain the financial reports, but more often then not this is the area that the reports from public companies gets filed. On occasion, we will slip in a few more fashionable tid bits of news into the section.

Fashion Newspaper Blog : The Fashion Newspaper Blog is the place for authors to spread the wings and take risk. This is the place for fashionistas and professional authors to experiment with their writing. Collection reviews, opinions, and facts, are all welcome in the fashion blog area of the newspaper.

Fashion Articles : In this section you will find the various categories of articles in the newspaper. In addition, you will find access to a few other resources.

Fashion News : At the Fashion Newspaper, we know that it is not possible for us to write news about every single event that takes place in the international fashion industry. Therefore, we offer suggestions on other places to search for fashion news.


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