Jomsy Leather Ankle Bracelets

Remember when everyone wore those dangling silver ‘anklets’ in the 90s? Remember when these anklets would fall off your foot unknowingly? Well…

Jomsy Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its first line of leather ankle bracelets.

Jomsy leather ankle bracelets are great for anyone that’s looking to make a fashion statement, and bringing back fashion from the 90’s!

The bracelets provide cutting-edge runway looks and hot celebrity style before hitting the streets.

Jomsy offers a wide range of colors for these leather ankle bracelets to suit the upcoming seasons. Versatility of these bracelets adds a kick to both day and night outfits!

Born into fashion, designer and CEO of Jomsy Inc., Sylvie De Gil, has carved out this niche in the fashion industry because of the one-of-a-kind appeal of these leather ankle bracelets. She’s bringing back her style from the 90’s and transforming it into an all-new style for modern day fashion!

With summer on its way, it’s absolutely time for new wardrobe additions for the season!


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