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What does Lynne Gilbert love about being a designer? The ability to create something that is personal and special for her client. Whether it is choosing beautiful fabrics and furnishings for her home, or coordinating the details for an elegant wedding, she takes ideas and translates them into something that complements a unique lifestyle with its changing needs and wants. Her pajama line, Marigot Collection, mirrors her fabulous philosophy, as it is uses the finest cottons and cashmere, in a palette of classic colors to provide the perfect evening wardrobe for exquisite women.

“My loved ones inspired me,” Gilbert says. “I have traveled with friends quite a bit. Some would come out of their hotel rooms in work-out clothes, bathing-suits with a wrap, or a simple dress; I was always in my men’s pajama shirt tucked in, ready to curl up with my coffee and book. One day I threw on a cute long sweater and my friend said ‘you look too cute for breakfast; you should create your own line.‘ My daughter walked out in my exact pajama ensemble a day later and I realized the beautiful appeal my look had to women of all ages, and in November 2009, decided to launch Marigot.

With a range of classic long pajamas, night shirts, and robes, Gilbert paints her Marigot pieces with signature Lorient patterns including her Starfish, Coral, Turtle, Monkey, Octopus, Pineapple, Sand Dollar, and personal favorite, Seahorse print. She conservatively lightens up these styles in her Classic Poplin solid white with Azalea, Turquoise, Melon, Key Lime, Lavender, and Periwinkle piping, and a perfect cashmere cable knit sweater to complete each.

“I knew I wanted to take a classic piece and give it a fresh, new, luxurious feel, with all of the style and details that I love. Of equal importance, I wanted the person wearing my pajamas to feel comfortable and elegant whether their destination is a fabulous weekend getaway, a casual vacation with friends and family, or at home lounging. I love that my prints are age appropriate – anyone can wear them and feel sophisticated yet relaxed. My goal is to make the line for everyone,” Gilbert says.

What’s next for Marigot? “A men’s and children’s line,” Gilbert says. “For now, I want to stay true to my brand, so I’m pursuing one thing at time, and focusing on my amazing Spring 2013 line which will be nothing less than a plethora of color! I’m sticking to my motto and keeping it all fresh, clean, and easy to wear.” Marigot is sold at specialty boutiques across the nation, and ranges from $80-$460; http://www.marigotcollection.com.


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