Mau Conceptual Clothing

mau is a collection of contemporary street wear made out of the ubiquitous modern material tyvek. Wardrobe staples and accessories are simply built: with all detail emerging from construction decisions. The material is a high performance non woven taken from construction, graphics, and stationary trades and adapted and manipulated here for personal use. This is not the same tyvek of souvenir jackets and bike race pinnies. Along with excellent performance properties, this material looks deceptively fragile and perishable like paper but is in fact a tough and resistant modern material. Each garment comes in a little bag and weighs less than half pound. The work is designed in an old textile factory building in the Hudson Valley and sewn either locally or in the NYC Garment District under the auspices of the Garment Industry Development Corporation, City of New York. The material is made in the USA of 25% recycled material, surplus materials are gathered from local exchanges and design studio scraps are recycled. mau also has a recycling program.– believing in no boundaries
– bearing no baggage
– itineraries of flux and drift
– charted in the use and reuse of materials
– messages scrawled on the sleeve of a jacket

What is your opinion of Mau conceptual clothing?  If you like it, you can shop mau now at their website.

You can also visit the mau coneptual clothing website to learn more about the company.

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