Marimekko Cheerfully Chic Gifts

Holidays feeling hurry-scurry? Make a beeline for Marimekko – the one-stop shop for cheerfully chic gifts to dazzle everyone on your list. The iconic Finnish design house has a smart design and whimsical print to brighten ever occasion – from cocktail hour to cozying up with a Christmas movie on the couch. You might even find a luxe treat yourself.

Here, top picks for the Holiday season:

Creature comforts to allow you to cozy up in style.

Lepposa Top/Mukava Pants ($79/$79), Memo Ankle Socks ($26), Leidi Tunic ($219)

Hostess gifts to warm the home, accessorize outdoor apparel, and make cocktailing chic.

Hauki Oven Mitten ($13), Kieppi Multicolor Scarf ($139), Vanhakaupunki Paper Napkin ($11)

Fanciful frocks in colors to combat the cold.

Penninen Dress ($259), Mombasa Dress ($445), Charlotte Dress ($575)

Read about how Marimekko supports breast cancer awareness from our fashion blog post that we posted the other day.


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