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Super Human State of Being – Mens T-shirt Company Heart of Beast launches Beastmode Collection

Men who shop for high quality, limited edition t-shirts, can now add a beast of a tee to their wardrobe. New menswear company Heart of Beast is launching a premier line of attitude-driven t-shirts called Beastmode, offered to Kickstarters only, and want you to get in before it goes big.


Jeff Allen and Jeremy Fortes have teamed up to create t-shirts driven by a go from the gut, take no prisoners, play to win mentality with four distinct men in mind:

The Grad Student. Stanford enrolled and living in San Francisco, he’s scheming on an idea for a new a social-business app. He’s in the flow of ‘living the dream.’

The Personal Trainer. As a former star athlete whose priority is to keep in shape, he works best with structure. He is a lover and not afraid to admit it… “The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind” has always been a motto.

The Designer. He has always been about good art and stays current with the trends. Introverted and left to his paper doodling designs, there is nothing like color and simple lines to make him feel like everything’s right in the world.

The PFL. A self-described Player For Life, he is over monogamy and into the nightlife scene and his reputation. PFL’s entire ecology is developed around meeting and interacting with beautiful women.

Beastmode’s debut collection is inspired by the use of abstract vector graphics, high quality cotton materials and hand-made printing on its shirts. “It is about engaging with the world and digging into your inner beast,” says designer Jeremy Fortes. “Heart of Beast was created ultimately as an expression of freedom: freedom from the socially conditioned narrative, freedom from selfdoubt and the belief that you are somehow not enough, and ultimately, freedom of CHOICE.”


Heart of Beast uses bold graphic elements that are custom designed in San Francisco and handprinted on American Apparel t-shirts. Pledges start at $1, and rewards can include a 2012 Limited Edition full color Beastmode design poster, as well as shirt styles Lion’s Beard, Take Flight, Gladiator and Heart to Action.

About Heart of Beast

Heart of Beast clothing company created the Beastmode line of attitude-driven shirts that tap into the idea of a superhuman state of being. Using psychology-driven graphics that draw from symbols of power and passion, shirts enhance the wearer and draw focus upward – engaging the beast within. More info about Heart Of Beast can be found at http://www.heartofbeast.com.


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