Prestigious Men’s Retailer Carroll & Co.

For over 62 years, Beverly Hills-based Carroll & Co. has been dressing prestigious directors, producers, writers, and numerous actors. Carroll & Co. custom-tailored clothing for Hollywood celebrities such as Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, William Holden, Billy Wilder, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, Jack Lemmon, and Walter Matthau as they began to frequent the store and provided clothing for classics like “The Bob Newhart Show”, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “Charlie’s Angels”, and “The Six-Million Dollar Man.”

Through the decades and today, Hollywood continues its love affair with Carroll & Co. as leading men such as Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, and Harrison Ford are all outfitted in Carroll & Co. clothing for their films. Long running television series such as “Hill Street Blues”, “St. Elsewhere”, “Dallas” and “Dynasty” as well as “L.A. Law”, “Picket Fences”, “Murder She Wrote”, “Boston Legal”, “Commander in Chief”, and “West Wing” rely on the Carroll look to outfit numerous characters.

John Carroll, President of Carroll & Co., is a menswear fashion expert and has been for decades as the “Carroll look” is renowned in Hollywood and among its A-List celebrities. They have recently dressed the cast of Ides of March. As the Academy Awards are lining up, John Carroll is the perfect fashion expert to comment on celebrity styles, do’s and don’ts, and successful dressing for the red carpet.

At your convenience, can I have John Carroll speak with you about the following or can I have Mr. Carroll as a menswear fashion commentary during the raving season of award shows?

  • · Which well-dressed celebrities are on the red carpet hot watch-list.
  • · What red carpet style trends are in this award season.
  • · What is a red carpet absolute essential and what are definite fashion faux pas.
  • · Carroll & Co.’s recipe to dress for success. (
  • · Hollywood’s love affair with Carroll & Co.
  • · How the elegant menswear retailer has been able to remain a Beverly Hills fixture for over six decades (virtually unheard of).
  • · Spring’s trend forecast…what will be out and what’s new for 2013.

“Many of Carroll’s clients have been with him for 30 years or more; the company itself has been in business for 62 years. If nothing else, this alone proves the fact that dressing and grooming is a highly valuable and sought after service in LA.

Carroll drills into his employees, and also his customers, the idea that first impressions are key. Dressing for the first impression, whether it be for a job interview, a graduate interview, or a client meeting has long lasting effects.” –


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