Native New Yorker and fashion designer, CheayRochelle, takes industry influencers down a virtual journey along a Victorian road where New York meets Britain with the launch of her “Victorian Nobility,” Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Captured by the feminine structure of sexy-vintage silhouettes, clean cuts and romance, each garment is designed with soft satins and tapestry materials kismet with intricate prints.

CheayRochelle 2013

On the heels of her widely well received pre-launched collection, Elizabethan System Fall/Winter 2012, CheayRochelle returns with fresh creative ideas set to amaze fashion enthusiasts alike. “Victorian Nobility” captures the royal nostalgia of the 1890-1930’s era complete with seamless vintage tapestries. CheayRochelle is already on its way to becoming a mainstay in the fashion industry scoring features in elite fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, and Zink. Led by the artistic innovation of a Caribbean-American fashion designer, “Victorian Nobility” channels tapestry prints of royalty similar to its predecessor, all while conveying a new, unique story of its own; offering a solstice of balanced tones in rich bronze, gold and nude.

“I wanted to create something that was avant-garde, and stood out from what’s already out there,” says Cheay Rochelle. “Think royalty meets modern-day fashion, but with a twist.”

Shot by renown photographer, XI Sinsong, CheayRochelle’s Victorian Nobility’s creative artistry is provided by innovative jewelry designer, Stacy Armand, makeup artist, Binky Brown, celebrity hair stylist, Bethany “Queen B” Bell, footwear designer Featherlicious by Tye, and model newcomer, Victoria Kurek. With exclusive, behind the scenes video footage captured by Reece George of Young Doers TV, fashion connoisseurs can also experience the very essence of ‘Victorian Nobility’ behind the lens. Fused with the basis of classic luxurious design and refined silhouettes that also illustrate different elements of art, history, and culture, ‘Victorian Nobility’ incorporates CheayRochelle’s innate niche–combining masculine and feminine romantic styles, resulting in modern and polished couture


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