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Apparel Search is one of the largest and fastest growing online guides to the Apparel & Textile Industry.   We provide excellent resources that aid industry professionals in efficiently and effectively completing daily tasks.  Simple to follow navigation, provides viewers with easily accessible links to all apparel, fashion and textile related issues.  Hyperlinks reach Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Freight Companies, Customs, Warehousing, Quality Standards, Education / Training, Trade Shows, Publications, Model Agencies, News, Employment etc… 

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Apparel Search is committed to maintaining its leadership role in the Apparel Industry.  Maintaining top position will be achieved through continued financial re-investment as well as immense dedication to the content of the site.   Due to our willingness to re-invest resources, we will continue to outperform all industry standards. 


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Work in the fashion industry and develop fashion websites. My primary fashion website is called Apparel Search and can be viewed at My second largest site is the Fashion Industry Network which you can view at
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