Gotham House Red Carpet Showroom

Here is some more information about an upcoming product placement project called Gotham House Red Carpet Showroom.  Throughout September and October, the “Gotham House Red Carpet Showroom” will serve as an invitation only, high-end space, designated for the A-list to come, celebrate, and prepare for the show, to shop, and get pampered. The Gotham House plans to be the one stop shop for celebrities, stylists, prop masters, trendsetters and members of the press – filled with displays and samples, it will have the feel of a high end department store, facilitating only loan outs and gifting of products. This is not a gifting suite type event, but a lifestyles-fashion driven program to assist attendees in becoming camera ready, and for stylists, costume designers, hair and make-up teams, prop masters and members of the press to find great items to use in their daily projects.

Learn more about the Gotham House Red Carpet Showroom.


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