Love of NY Fashion

For the love of NY Fashion, the NY Fashion website was born.  OK, in all honesty, the website is not the greatest.  It is OK for me to say this because I am the one that created it.  Anyway, the site is actually a work in progress.  Therefore, I guess that I should not be so hard on it (or myself).

The purpose of the site is to explain to the rest of the world the New York is the one true fashion capital of the world.  By the way, before you hate me (if you do not live and work in NY), please understand that the site is created in a joking manner).  I fully understand that no one city or state is the center of the fashion universe.

The NY Fashion site can be found at

By the way, if you are looking for a site with more specific information on the resources available to the fashion industry in NY, you can try the New York Fashion Incubator website.


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