Little Rock Fashion Week and Baltimore Fashion Week

The primary effort of Baltimore Fashion Week (BFW2011) is to bring this event to the next plateau for the love of fashion. This year BFW2011 will be participating in its first designer exchange with another national fashion week, Little Rock Fashion Week(LRFW) in Arkansas.LRFW

The exchange will begin this year with an exchange from LRFW to BFW2011 and vice versa. The selected designer from LRFW will showcase in BFW2011 on Saturday, August 20, 2011. One designer from BFW2011 will showcase in the 2012 production of LRFW’s event, “Post Expression Fashion Expression.” The official announcement of which designer will be showcasing from LRFW will be announced August 1, 2011.

Fashion is an art form. It’s what makes the American culture dynamic. It should never exist in a vacuum,” says Brandon D. Campbell, Founder/Executive Producer of Little Rock Fashion Week. “The exchange program allows talented designers to showcase their work to a new audience, extend their brand, increase their business, and learn from different designers. I’m excited to be partnering with another nationally reputable fashion week. Both Little Rock and Baltimore have so much to offer designers.”

One designer from BFW2011 will be selected by a secret panel. These panel members will be present each night to decide who should be the first designer from BFW2011 to showcase in LRFW in 2012. The selected designer from BFW2011 will be notified by email and an official press release announcement will be sent out on Monday, August 22, 2011, naming the lucky designer.

A cross promotion like this will allow designers the opportunity to saturate a different fashion market. It is always a huge production step for us to introduce vibrant and invigorating ideas-especially when they are as innovative as this. The collaboration between two Fashion Weeks is destined to be a huge success,” stated Nixon – Founder/CEO . 

MTA and Milani are proud sponsors of Baltimore Fashion Week.  More information about this exchange and other information surrounding these two events can be found on both event websites and
Learn more about fashion week from the Fashion Week Directory.

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