Shirt Scan Mobile Technology To Be Used At Farm Aid

This year’s concert in Kansas City, Kan., at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park on Aug. 13 will feature Farm Aid t-shirts with Anvil’s Shirt Scan™ technology that allows concertgoers to view exclusive Farm Aid content, including documentary footage of Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews.

This year, Anvil’s presence at Farm Aid 2011 will be focused on three activities:

  • Educating kids with TrackMyT® on where their organic cotton t-shirts are grown and made;
  • Introducing organic cotton farmers like the Voglers and Mortons from Texas who produce organic cotton for Anvil products and who will be available to answer questions about organic farming; and
  • Educating consumers with Anvil’s “Message From Earth” digital short about the impact of pesticide use on the environment and farmers, and encourage consumers to support organic farmers
Visit Anvil’s booth at Farm Aid’s HOMEGROWN Village or follow @anvilknitwear and @farmaid on Twitter® and Facebook®.
Watch the video introduction.
Learn about Farm Aid.
Learn about Anvil Knitwear.

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