Vera Wang Advice September 6th 2011

Here are some comments from Vera Wang from September 6th 2011.

“Mix up the reception with a whimsical seating plan of different shaped tables or add some intrigue with an unexpected proportion. Combine rectangles, squares, rounds and ovals or set up an extra long table for the wedding party. The table where the bride and groom are seated should always stand out from those of the guests either with shape, placement in the room or more extravagant decoration.

For large receptions, find a way to acknowledge those guests who are seated the furthest away – I suggest more prominent centerpieces or a configuration similar to the wedding party. It’s never nice to feel lost at the fringes. Try to seat those who like to dance as close to the dance floor as possible so they can get the party started! – XO, Vera”

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