Yoga Fashion Helping Sea Turtles

September is National Yoga Month. In recognition of this special month, certified yoga instructor Nicole Sherman is launching This new website features an all-natural line of original T- shirts for the stylish yogi who also cares about environmental issues and animal well-being.

Nicole received her teaching certification in 2010 on the Big Island of Hawaii where she practiced yoga on the lava rocks of Kona and swam with the dolphins and majestic sea turtles (honu).

Sherman says, “That experience was my inspiration for creating beautiful, comfortable, custom yoga T-shirts that honor and benefit the endangered sea turtles in Hawaii. Sea turtle numbers have been reduced because of poaching, fishing gear injuries, pollution and ingestion or entanglement in marine debris. These threats are becoming too much for the marine population to handle – and protection of these beautiful creatures is of paramount importance.”

Nicole began selling T-shirts out of the trunk of her car and literally off her own back, as yoga enthusiasts resonated with her messages. Now Honu Yoga T-shirts can be found in yoga studios throughout southern California – and if her myriad of supporters have their way – ultimately around the world.

“I caught the ‘yoga bug’ after being diagnosed with scoliosis at an early age and wanted to utilize the best tools to create harmony and balance for my body,” explains Sherman. Her quest to understand anatomy and alignment principles, and her affinity for holistic modalities, led her to deep physical, emotional and spiritual gratification from practicing yoga. Personally inspired by its transformative benefits, she now teaches yoga to others in private and studio groups.

The artistic flair behind Nicole’s T-shirt designs comes from her diverse background in art and theater. She has a degree in Fine Arts and Theater Set Design from Florida Atlantic University and is the creator of Nicole Erin Designs, a customized mural and design company.

In keeping with her philosophy of life, a portion of the proceeds from each T-shirt sale goes to, a foundation committed to saving sea turtles from extinction. Buy a shirt, save a turtle.

Learn more about Honu Yoga.

Learn about saving sea turtles.


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