Designer Handbags and Accessories Now on Offer at the Online Pajama Store

Designer handbags and accessories are now available for purchase at the online pajamas store, ( Handbags, commuter bags, tote bags, travel and flight bags, cosmetic bags, accessories and more are included in the inventory at the online pajamas store. The handbags and accessories by designer labels can be viewed at:, primarily a sleepwear and pajamas store has a wide line of designer handbags and accessories that include photo frames, aprons, mugs, candles, compacts and more can be viewed at: An exclusive line of handbags is also available at:

Apart from the trendy collection of handbags and accessories, 10% discount on new arrivals is also on offer at The discount on pajamas, sleepwear, slippers, accessories, lingerie, robes and wraps will be running through October 3rd 2011. The 10% off on new arrivals can be redeemed by using discount coupon code ‘NEW2011’ upon checkout. The new arrival pajamas and sleepwear can be purchased at:

Ms. Jennifer Briscoe from elaborated more on the inventory of handbags and accessories saying, “Who says it’s just diamonds that are a woman’s best friends? Don’t forget handbags and so many accessories that please women. Handbags in our collection are just amazing! Commuter bags, flight bags, cosmetic bags, coin purses and so much more are included in the inventory only for you! Handbags of all types have different utility. Women need handbags for various needs and for all of them, we have a beautiful designer handbag waiting just for you. Accessories in our collection have photo frames that can be used as gift for friends and family.”

“You may have known, as a family pajamas store but the handbags and accessories are no surprise but a will make wonderful additions to your comfy wear. At it’s all about making you feel great anyway you like; even if it’s with a handbag! It’s not just handbags that will please you at Pajama Mania, pajamas and so much more adds to the excitement of shopping at our online store. And just like our trendy handbags and accessories, pajamas for women, men and the kids are also available from the most haute designers, the ones who know how to please the wearer,” added Jennifer.

Designer cosmetic bags, commuter bags, messenger bags, travel & flight bags, tote bags and accessories can be viewed at:

About retails pajamas and sleepwear for all in great fabrics. The pajama store offers free shipping across US with every purchase over $79. PajamaMania has an extensive collection of pajamas, lingerie, robes & wraps, slippers, bath & body products and other accessories.

PajamaMania’s pajamas and accessories have been featured in various television shows and magazines.

Learn more about designer handbags at the Designer Handbag Directory website.


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